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Real Food (Bay Area) CSA

Thank you for choosing Real Food (Bay Area) CSA for your local real food needs.

The company was born from a desire to distribute fresh raw milk and cream from the farm directly to the consumer. Real Food (Bay Area) CSA’s mission is to serve as a reliable, conscientious distributor of responsibly produced "real" foods.  Please contact us if you have a product you think we should consider including in our line.

Real Food Bay Area is an owner-operated business based in Palo Alto, CA.  Real Food (Bay Area) CSA is dedicated in providing local, healthy, sustainable, artisan foods delivered directly to your area. Currently, we deliver each week to:    

Monday Delivery
Hollister (Crestview Dr., Hollister): Delivered by 1:30pm
Gilroy (Yorktown Dr., Gilroy): Delivered by 2:00pm
Morgan Hill (Torrey Ct., Morgan Hill): Delivered by 2:30pm

Tuesday Delivery – Route One
Portola Valley (Paso del Arroyo, Portola Valley): Delivered by 10:15am
Redwood City (Grand St., Redwood City): Delivered by 11:00am
San Carlos (Dale Ave., San Carlos): Delivered by 11:45am
San Mateo (Ticonderoga Dr., San Mateo): Delivered by 12:30pm
San Francisco-Noe Valley (23rd St., San Francisco): Delivered by 2:00pm
San Francisco-Castro (Grand View Ave., San Francisco): Delivered by 2:30pm
San Francisco-InnerSunset (12th Ave., San Francisco): Delivered by 3:30pm
San Francisco-TBD1 (TBD, San Francisco): Delivered by 4:00pm
San Rafael (Arias St., San Rafael): Delivered by 5:30pm

Tuesday Delivery – Route Two
Campbell (Linda Dr., Campbell): Delivered by 1:00pm
Los Gatos (Nob Hill Wy., Los Gatos): Delivered by 1:45pm
San Jose-South (New Ireland Ct., San Jose): Delivered by 2:30pm
San Jose-Downtown (20th St., San Jose): Delivered by 3:30pm

Wednesday Delivery – Route One
Pleasanton (Sylvaner Dr., Pleasanton): Delivered by 10:30am
Benicia (Alta Loma, Benicia): Delivered by 11:30am
Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek (Douglas Ln., Pleasant Hill): Delivered by 1:00pm
Orinda (Las Vegas Rd., Orinda): Delivered by 1:30pm
Berkeley-Central (Sacramento St., Berkeley): Delivered by 2:45pm
Berkeley-South (Benvenue Ave., Berkeley): Delivered by 3:30pm
Oakland-Lake Merritt (Hillgirt Cir., Oakland): Delivered by 4:30pm
San Leandro (Georgia Way, San Leandro): Delivered by 5:30pm
Santa Clara-North (Cole Pl., Santa Clara): Delivered by 6:15pm

Wednesday Delivery – Route Two
Fremont-South (Chenin Blanc Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 9:30am
Fremont-Central-A (Parkmeadow Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 10:15am
Fremont-Central-B (Camellia Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 10:45am
Fremont-North (Ashford Wy., Fremont): Delivered by 11:30am
Union City (Ruth Ct., Union City): Delivered by 12:15pm
Palo Alto-Downtown (Waverley St., Palo Alto): Delivered by 1:00pm
Palo Alto-Shoreline (Feather Ln., Palo Alto): Delivered by 1:45pm
Palo Alto-South (Brassinga Ct., Palo Alto): Delivered by 2:15pm
Mountain View (Sierra Vista Ave., Mountain View): Delivered by 3:00pm
Los Altos (Grant Rd., Los Altos): Delivered by 3:45pm
Sunnyvale (Ramon Dr., Sunnyvale): Delivered by 4:30pm
Santa Clara-South (Machado Ave., Santa Clara): Delivered by 5:00pm
San Jose-West (Adra Ave., San Jose): Delivered by 5:45pm

Questions? Comments?  If you would like to contact us, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.