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Real Food (Bay Area) is dedicated to providing healthy, 
nutrient dense, sustainable, fresh and prepared foods delivered directly to your area. 

We currently offer the following products...

Delivered Weekly - Order by 8pm on Saturday each week for delivery the following week: 
Raw Milk and Cream - Claravale, RFBA
Pastured Chicken and Duck Eggs
- Mission Mountain Organics, Best of Breed
Other Dairy Products - St Benoit, Mama Saatva, Burroughs Family Farm, Sierra Nevada
Beverages - Three Stone Hearth
Bakery and Snack Products - Bread SRSLY, Mission:Heirloom, Kaleidoscope; Three Stone Hearth, Endorfin, Coracao, Nick’s Sticks
Supplements - Green Pastures, Rosita, Taproot Medicine, Bio-Kult, Prescript Assist, Great Lakes
Pantry Staples - The Philosopher’s Stoneground, Bariani, Coconut Secret, Three Stone Hearth, Celtic, All Star Organics, Mission:Hierloom, Mead and Meads, Dandy’s, To your Health, Massa, South River Miso, Red Boat, Vital Choice
Prepared Meals - Three Stone Hearth (not delivered to Morgan Hill or Gilroy), My Sustainable Table (not delivered to Morgan Hill or Gilroy), Becky’s Kitchen, Mission:Heirloom (not delivered to Morgan Hill or Gilroy) 
Fresh Produce - Eating with the Seasons  

Delivered Monthly - See order deadline and delivery schedule below: 
Raw Cow Cheese - Pedrozo
Pastured Chickens - Best of Breed
Pastured Turkey (seasonal) - Tara Firma Farms
Grass-fed Beef: Ground and Stew - Family Friendly Farms, Marin Sun Farms, Morris Grassfed, Tara Firma Farms, Thompson River Ranch (Wagyu)
Grass-fed Beef: Steaks - Family Friendly Farms, Marin Sun Farms, Morris Grassfed, Tara Firma Farms, Thompson River Ranch (Wagyu)
Grass-fed Beef: Roasts and Ribs - Family Friendly Farms, Marin Sun Farms, Tara Firma Farms, Thompson River Ranch (Wagyu)
Grass-fed Beef: Organ Meats and Bones - Family Friendly Farms, Marin Sun Farms, Morris Grassfed, Tara Firma Farms
Grass-fed Beef: Value Packs - Family Friendly Farms, Morris Grassfed
Pasture Raised Veal - Rossotti Ranch
Pastured Pork - Family Friendly Farms (inc. value packs)
Pastured Rabbit - The Rabbit Lady
Grass Fed Lamb - Family Friendly Farms (inc. value packs), Marin Sun Farms
Sustainable Seafood - Lummi Island Wild, Princess Seafood
Beverages - Creative Cultures
Supplements and Medicinal Products - Bee Humble Apiaries
Sauerkraut Products - Farmhouse Cultures
Bakery and Snack Products - Enjoy Being Nutty!, Food Bricks Company
Pantry Staples - Food Bricks Company, Bee Humble Apiaries

Real Food (Bay Area) currently delivers to the following areas: 

Monday Delivery
Hollister (Crestview Dr., Hollister): Delivered by 1:30pm
Gilroy (Yorktown Dr., Gilroy): Delivered by 2:00pm
Morgan Hill (Torrey Ct., Morgan Hill): Delivered by 2:30pm

Tuesday Delivery – Route One
Portola Valley (Paso del Arroyo, Portola Valley): Delivered by 10:15am
Redwood City (Grand St., Redwood City): Delivered by 11:00am
San Carlos (Dale Ave., San Carlos): Delivered by 11:45am
San Mateo (Ticonderoga Dr., San Mateo): Delivered by 12:30pm
San Francisco-Noe Valley (23rd St., San Francisco): Delivered by 2:00pm
San Francisco-Castro (Grand View Ave., San Francisco): Delivered by 2:30pm
San Francisco-InnerSunset (12th Ave., San Francisco): Delivered by 3:30pm
San Francisco-TBD1 (TBD, San Francisco): Delivered by 4:00pm
San Rafael (Arias St., San Rafael): Delivered by 5:30pm

Tuesday Delivery – Route Two
Campbell (Linda Dr., Campbell): Delivered by 1:00pm
Los Gatos (Nob Hill Wy., Los Gatos): Delivered by 1:45pm
San Jose-South (New Ireland Ct., San Jose): Delivered by 2:30pm
San Jose-Downtown (20th St., San Jose): Delivered by 3:30pm

Wednesday Delivery – Route One
Pleasanton (Sylvaner Dr., Pleasanton): Delivered by 10:30am
Benicia (Alta Loma, Benicia): Delivered by 11:30am
Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek (Douglas Ln., Pleasant Hill): Delivered by 1:00pm
Orinda (Las Vegas Rd., Orinda): Delivered by 1:30pm
Berkeley-Central (Sacramento St., Berkeley): Delivered by 2:45pm
Berkeley-South (Benvenue Ave., Berkeley): Delivered by 3:30pm
Oakland-Lake Merritt (Hillgirt Cir., Oakland): Delivered by 4:30pm
San Leandro (Georgia Way, San Leandro): Delivered by 5:30pm
Santa Clara-North (Cole Pl., Santa Clara): Delivered by 6:15pm

Wednesday Delivery – Route Two
Fremont-South (Chenin Blanc Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 9:30am
Fremont-Central-A (Parkmeadow Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 10:15am
Fremont-Central-B (Camellia Dr., Fremont): Delivered by 10:45am
Fremont-North (Ashford Wy., Fremont): Delivered by 11:30am
Union City (Ruth Ct., Union City): Delivered by 12:15pm
Palo Alto-Downtown (Waverley St., Palo Alto): Delivered by 1:00pm
Palo Alto-Shoreline (Feather Ln., Palo Alto): Delivered by 1:45pm
Palo Alto-South (Brassinga Ct., Palo Alto): Delivered by 2:15pm
Mountain View (Sierra Vista Ave., Mountain View): Delivered by 3:00pm
Los Altos (Grant Rd., Los Altos): Delivered by 3:45pm
Sunnyvale (Ramon Dr., Sunnyvale): Delivered by 4:30pm
Santa Clara-South (Machado Ave., Santa Clara): Delivered by 5:00pm
San Jose-West (Adra Ave., San Jose): Delivered by 5:45pm

Order Deadline and Delivery Schedule
Mission Mountain Eggs (Fortnightly standing order) and St Benoit Yogurt will be delivered, every other week, during the following weeks:

12-Jan           26-Jan

9-Feb             23-Feb

9-Mar             23-Mar

6-Apr             20-Apr

4-May            18-May

1-Jun             15-Jun

29-Jun           13-Jul

27-Jul            10-Aug

24-Aug           7-Sep

21-Sept          5-Oct

19-Oct            2-Nov

16-Nov           30-Nov

14-Dec           28-Dec

Products delivered monthly, must be ordered before 8pm on the following “Other Product Order Dates” and will be delivered on the following “Other Product Delivery Weeks”: 

"Other Product" Order Deadline Date "Other Product" Delivery Dates - Week Of:
3-Jan 12-Jan
31-Jan 9-Feb
28-Feb 9-Mar
28-Mar 6-Apr
25-Apr 4-May
23-May 1-Jun
20-Jun 29-Jun
18-Jul 27-Jul
15-Aug 24-Aug
12-Sep 21-Sep
10-Oct 19-Oct
7-Nov 16-Nov
5-Dec 14-Dec